Our Services

Heis & Wenstrup practices in a wide variety of fields and have adapted to new fields when necessary to best serve our client’s needs. Our clients know that we provide real value and vigorous representation and occasionally ask us to expand our practice fields because they want the quality and attention we provide for all their legal matters. Services that we perform include, but are not limited to the subjects below.

Civil Litigation

We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases and we have successfully litigated multiple cases against nationally ranked firms.

Personal Injury

Personal injuries can result in a surprising loss of time and money as well as real pain and discomfort. We have experience representing clients in the pursuit of fair compensation, and we do not hesitate to go to trial if necessary.


We represent both plaintiffs and defendants in a broad spectrum of negligence suits. Negligence arises from a failure to exercise ordinary care that causes injury or damages to a person or their property. Our experience working for both Plaintiffs and Defendants has augmented our perspective and overall representation.

Commercial Law

Our experience in representing our clients enables us to resolve contract and business relationship issues in a broad range of legal matters.


This firm has substantial experience in processing foreclosures, regardless as to whether the foreclosure involves a residential loan, a commercial loan, or a judgment lien. In the appropriate case, we seek the appointment of a Receiver, enforce an Assignment of Rents, and pursue any deficiency. When our clients’ property is foreclosed upon, we use our experience in an attempt to resolve the matter.


Our firm has extensive experience locating and attaching the assets of debtors in order to apply them to the satisfaction of unpaid obligations. We have collected millions of dollars on thousands of accounts for our clients.


Our firm has experience representing both creditors and debtors in bankruptcy matters and understand the perspectives of both.

Estate Planning and Probate

We help plan your future and your legacy for those you care about by utilizing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and healthcare powers of attorney. Then we review the title of your assets so that your estate plan will be effective when it is time to be implemented. Our goal is to accomplish your unique objectives. When the time comes, your estate documents must be prepared properly and according to your wishes.

Real Estate

We work to protect your interest in what is often your most important asset. Our years of serving both individuals and financial institutions have provided us with experience in a variety of real estate matters, including sales contracts, easements, title disputes, tax liens, mechanics liens, judgment liens, mortgages, defects in recently transferred property. We also have broad experience in representing condominiums, home owners associations, and landlords in the protection of their rights.

Business Entities, LLCs, and Corporations

We will assist you in creating Limited Liability Corporations, Corporations, Subchapter S Corporations, Limited Liability Partnerships, and Partnerships. Then we will assist you in implementing the proper procedure to secure the benefits of those business entities. We can also enforce liability against those who fail to implement those procedures.

Products Liability

Products liability is similar to negligence, but involves a dangerous product that is defective in manufacture or design. Such products include automobiles, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, appliances, industrial equipment, recreational equipment, and toxic elements. Our firm is knowledgeable regarding the specialized legal concepts applied in product liability cases.

Insurance and Subrogation

Our attorneys will assist you in analyzing and, if necessary, litigating policy provisions. A common insurance issues involves subrogation, a limited right of an insurance company to seek reimbursement when it pays a claim. We have substantial experience in arguing both sides of this issue.

Family Law

We understand that family law requires much more than simply legal analysis, and we provide the necessary personal touch. We aggressively pursue our clients’ interests. Our family law services include: divorce, dissolution, legal separation, annulment actions, paternity actions, child support actions, civil domestic violence cases, pre and post nuptial agreements, child custody, division of marital and non-marital property, valuation of assets including closely held businesses, and spousal support or alimony.